This is a site filled with useless ramblings, righteous information along with some Gastronomic history and time tested recipes. I’m not a writer.  In fact, I paid little attention and screwed off in every creative writing class I ever took.  So forgive my naïveté in the art of scripting.

But I can cook.  I’m the 4th of 6 generation of Restaurateurs, I grew up in a Restaurant that seated 1500 people and thinking it was normal to clean and deboned 500 chickens every Wednesday after school and given the job on Saturdays of walking the grounds looking for drunk Shriners in one of our four fountains. I was first to leave the family businesses and took a different road to success as a Technology Entrepreneur.

The Pull My Finger Gourmet (PMFG) started because of my refusal to take a pill.  I started integrating beans and legumes regularly into my diet and low and behold, the need for the pill went away.

But the way Americans see and use beans is appalling.  I can up with a system.  A method of making a bean pot and using in several different ways. Crating several different dishes form one pot and eliminate the boredom of having the same thing over and over.

PMFG’s Base cooking technology is a preparation technology for health conscious individuals.  Plus its cheap, it’s healthy it and it’s an extremely efficient way of cooking because there’s no waste. (We even have recipes for dog and cat food with what left over.)

The art of the simple bean pot is about to get a whole new meaning.

And the stuff that noodles around in my head all the time.. has a new outlet.

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